Batch Two

March 03, 2018 Scott Urueta

Batch Two

Stock "Out of Stock" arrived faster than I expected. I already had parts on the way about a month in advance so most batch 2 parts are already here. The PCB manufacturing for this batch seems to have some issues with the USB port. Before the PCBs are sent to me, we have to figure out why and solve it. In the meantime, orders can still be placed despite no stock listed. They'll just take longer to ship out. Product Page Edit A minor change has been made to the product page to clarify that the keyboard does come fully assembled and...

Basic Setup Video

January 29, 2018 Scott Urueta

Basic Setup Video

Took a short video on how to get set up. Rearranged the site a bit to make room. Adding individual parts as items now. Next short video will be using the keyboard for steno with an Android device.

45% of Preorders Complete

January 09, 2018 Scott Urueta

With keyboards being shipped, I'd like to point out that the keyboards do not have any documentation included in the box. I'll add a tab to this site with the basic layout (for now you can refer to this page) and/or videos on getting everything up and running, how to update/change the firmware, etc. Next week when I have all preorders fulfilled and move to listing actual inventory, I'll hopefully have some more time free to catch up on other things as well. I'll finally be updating the Sources page, though the new one is sadly less DIY-friendly due to the...

Keyboards Shipping Out

January 07, 2018 Scott Urueta

The first keyboards have finally left my door. Goal is currently to at least average nine keyboards sent out per day until all preorders are fulfilled. I spent a good chunk of time rearranging my room and working out the smoothest way to get these assembled, tested, packed, and shipped, and still had enough time to send off every order from #1059 to #1069, inclusive. I have 54 keyboards remaining to ship. By next Monday all keyboards should be shipped and I'll begin to mark an actual stock quantity rather than display "preorders". Hopefully I can keep a buffer of keyboards...

Keycaps Arrived!

January 04, 2018 Scott Urueta