Basic Setup Video

January 29, 2018 Scott Urueta

Took a short video on how to get set up. Rearranged the site a bit to make room. Adding individual parts as items now.

Next short video will be using the keyboard for steno with an Android device.


  • Allyson

    Jan 29, 2018

    I’m so excited for these videos! I’m not tech savvy like y’all are, but I’m also not a technophobe, so these videos are really gonna help me get going on my new Splitography (with which I am absolutely in love)! =)

  • Jerry

    Jan 29, 2018

    Hey Scott!
    Nice updates of the site’s menu. Please add one more button – like RSS/news/blog cuz it is hard to get to your blog posts (no way to sign up for automatic updates.
    And thank you for creating the video – gives hope that even techno guy (j/k) will be able to install the keyboard ;)

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