A short video guide on how to set up the SOFT/HRUF Splitography, a mechanical keyboard intended for use with Plover.

Here is a reference card for the standard keyboard layout:

  • While holding down a colored thumb key, the matching colored functions/characters on the remaining keys can be pressed.
  • Bottom edge keys are accessed by holding down both keys.
  • Numlock locks in the Numpad layer.
  • Alt and Shift pressed simultaneously to return to the standard layout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Twisted interconnect cable?

The cable has a 180 twist so that it can freely bend in any direction. Without the twist, rotating the keyboard halves on a flat surface would be trying to bend the cable across its thick side. The cable also becomes more pliable over time.

Longer/different cable?

Look for "10P10C" or "RJ50". You can find compatible cables of varying lengths and styles here:

Why not ______ cable?

The two halves don't communicate with a specific protocol. To reduce components and complexity, the second half is directly wired into the key matrix of the main half. This means 10 wires are needed, so 10P10C was used.

Is it compatible with professional software?

This is a hobbyist device intended for use with Plover. Compatibility beyond this is incidental. Possible, but not guaranteed.

Other questions?