Un-back in Stock

April 23, 2020 Scott Urueta

The few keyboards that were back in stock have been sold out very quickly. I am placing a larger order for parts and I will make a new post with a timeline for when additional keyboards will be available.If ordering in bulk reduces the total price of keyboards, I will adjust the base pricing accordingly or remove the assembly fee field.

Back in Stock

January 07, 2020 Scott Urueta

There are some more black Splitos ready to ship!

Spring Break

February 23, 2019 Scott Urueta

Spring Break

I'm heading up to Gainesville for a week between March 2nd and March 8th to visit my SO, go biking, and see if there are any jobs around. Orders placed during this time will be packaged the following Monday or Tuesday on my return.  

New Years

December 30, 2018 Scott Urueta

I am visiting friends for the New Year and I will be back on January 4. Orders placed between now and then will be boxed to send out on January 4th or 5th.

Freshly Baked Keyboard Batch

October 09, 2018 Scott Urueta

I have fully caught up with orders. I've built up a stock of assembled keyboards and all future orders should now ship within 2 business days.