Batch Two

March 03, 2018 Scott Urueta


"Out of Stock" arrived faster than I expected. I already had parts on the way about a month in advance so most batch 2 parts are already here.

The PCB manufacturing for this batch seems to have some issues with the USB port. Before the PCBs are sent to me, we have to figure out why and solve it.

In the meantime, orders can still be placed despite no stock listed. They'll just take longer to ship out.

Product Page Edit

A minor change has been made to the product page to clarify that the keyboard does come fully assembled and ready to plug in and use.

MIDI Layout

Less related to steno, Seth Lyttle drew up some pixel art and a completely separate MIDI layout is being played around with. This is the niche-est niche-within-a-niche: music-making-on-steno-writers, and it is super cool to see.


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  • john

    Apr 17, 2018

    Any updates? I want to buy but want to make sure you’re still alive. Thanks

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