Steel Cased Split SOFT/HRUF

November 19, 2016 Scott Urueta

Here is a really bad scribble of the new keyboard:

A SOFT/HRUF split into two halves

The design for the new version is essentially complete, with a few PCB kinks to iron out. I'll leave preorders open to make purchasing the materials in bulk a bit easier on my wallet.

Right now I have the product pages changed to list the new version, with no photos uploaded yet. I am having a friend help me make a rendering of the current design and posting it very soon.

It is a flat design split into two separate halves with metal plates sandwiching their PCBs between them using small metal standoffs. Should be sturdier and last a lifetime compared to the previous 3D printed version of the case, as well as being more portable and comfortable. 6x3 grid of keyswitches plus the two thumb keys on each half. The PCBs will use surface-mount components and an integrated microcontroller so that no extra internal wiring is necessary.

The minimum price is increased from $94 to $138 to cover the costs of the PCB assembly and improved case hardware. When paying the previous suggested price it used to cost $138; it now costs $150. The suggested "tip" is now reduced to $12 because I will be personally doing less work on each keyboard. While you could choose not to pay for my assembly work with the previous version, I cannot choose not to pay for the PCBs that will now arrive pre-assembled.


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  • Leah Hunt

    Nov 23, 2016

    Will the older version still be available?

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