Customs makes me sad.

December 29, 2017 Scott Urueta

I asked for the fastest possible shipping so I could receive the keycaps on Dec. 28th, and assemble them over the next two or three days to ship out before New Year, but my package is temporarily stuck in customs and tonight I had to call up DHL to provide the extra information. This is the first package I have ever had from my parts supplier to actually get stuck in customs.

So keyboard shipping is now 100% dependent on how quickly my keycaps can pass through customs. It is really disappointing having these board just sitting here waiting when I could have been sending them all off today and tomorrow.


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  • Jerry

    Dec 29, 2017

    Hey Scott,
    Do not know if that really customs or just DHL is covering strike of their employees.
    In Europe DHL’s operation was crippled by strike like a week before Christmas.

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