PCB Version Available for Preorder

January 23, 2016 Scott Urueta

I have been checking hundreds of switches individually to avoid using switches that had double tap issues occur more often. It has been taking an enormous amount of time to do this, particularly because I need to solder in each key I want to test until my oscilloscope actually arrives. However, it won't be long before I finish testing them all.

On the side, I've had my friend help me with laying out a PCB with surface-mount components which can drastically decrease the time it takes to wire and I am getting ready to place orders for a run of them. The greater the quantity of PCBs I purchase, the more affordable it becomes for each items, so it would be extremely helpful to get an idea of how many I need to order. If you preorder and change your mind later, I will gladly refund your money.

If you've already placed an order that hasn't shipped out yet and don't mind the wait for the PCBs to ship, email me at with your order number and I will move you into the next batch, assemble a fresh keyboard, and use the leftover handwired base as a demo writer.

I am also tossing in a little toy steno surprise for everyone for funsies. I am amazed at how passionate everyone is to making steno available to anyone; think of this as a small thumbs-up to you all.

As you can see, the PCB is half of the keyboard and does not include the middle or vowel keys. This is so that I can continue to test different configurations, shapes, split keyboards, etc. without having to redesign and reorder a PCB for each one.


  • Robert

    Feb 19, 2016

    So very tempting and I’ve been waiting for so very long. I’ve got a milled Planck case on my desk, 120 gateron clears in the mail, and a simple layout for a board mocked up… But I am so darn tired of waiting for a working stenoboard. Great price and better layout. You have me tempted to try a minor split layout in my extra poker 2 case (60%).

    How is the hruf for rigidity? In the pics the keys look a little out of line (optical illusion).? Are you using this as your daily driver?… Well done and again very exciting!

  • Kwills

    Feb 08, 2016

    You work so fast! This is great, I can’t wait to start using mine. Learning steno slowly – this comment was written entirely with Plover. At a rate of about 3 wpm. Heh, it’s progress.
  • dragon788

    Jan 24, 2016

    It would be great if your PCB supported both Alps and MX key switches. Typically being reversible helps with that. I’m curious how lubed linear MX switches with light springs might compare to the Alps over time.

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