ERL Release

December 12, 2015 Scott Urueta

I am completely blown away by the tools and off-the-shelf components available to those who want to quickly design, prototype, and provide hardware. Only about a week ago, this keyboard was a daydream I wished I could buy before I realized there was nothing preventing me from simply creating it myself. Props to all the instructions available to me from the whole DIY/maker scene and all the work done through the Open Steno Project to set a foundation to build upon.

After a week of intense learning and work, I finally have a keyboard that is ready for production and available to order.

To be honest, the keyboard feels a little cramped to get it to fit on the printer's build plate and the keycaps aren't the most impressive. Yet the sheer fact that a working product like this can be popped out of a messy corner of a room makes me glad.

Here is a view of my glorious factory:

I have some more details regarding placing orders. Due to minimal testing done in such a short timeframe, I am only arranging a limited and manageable quantity for order this early. By manageable, I mean an amount that I can make replacements, repairs, or other minor enhancements to fix any issues that crop up without risking being weighed down by a quantity of orders I won't be able to provide support for. This is particularly relevant around the holidays when shipping timing becomes difficult. This amount is about 8-10 assembled units.

Those who like to tinker are a little luckier, since I am not limiting the number of unassembled kits.

I currently have no express warranty written out yet, but it'll be the typical spiel about covering things like defects, but not covering things like incidental damage.

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