New orders ship in weekly batches

A pay what you will compact keyboard intended for use with Plover, free and open source stenography software. This is a low-cost keyboard with minimal packaging and design, and arrives fully assembled, ready to use.


  • Sandwiched steel/acrylic case in a split layout
    • Unfinished stainless steel top plate
    • Removable acrylic bottom for easy drilling, cutting, and DIY mounting solutions
  • Molded POM keycaps with curved tops
  • Matias Quiet Linear stenotype keyswitches
  • Non-steno QWERTY mode provides access to all 110 keys of a typical keyboard
  • No branding

In the box:

  • Left keypad
  • Right keypad
  • Interconnect cable
  • USB cable
  • Card with my contact info if you ever need help

The pay-what-you-will pricing scheme is designed for maximum accessibility, but has a minimum price to cover materials and PCB manufacturing cost. To pay for my own efforts, bump up the price to a point you feel is fair for my personal labor. For a point of reference, I would need at least an average of ~$12 extra per board to produce these boards indefinitely.

$ 138.00