Rows virtually complete.

January 08, 2016 Scott Urueta

Rows virtually complete.

Columns up next. For the curious, this is my current workspace.

Early Release Key Bounce

January 05, 2016 Scott Urueta

When a keyswitch makes contact, it has a tendency to bounce open and closed repeatedly in a few milliseconds as it settles into place. When this is uncontrolled by software or hardware, it can cause keystrokes to be pressed multiple times. The firmware currently being used with the early release version (based on StenoFW, originally for Stenoboard) has a section of code specifically to counter this issue by placing a tiny gap of time between when the switch first connects and when it can be pressed again to allow it to settle down into position over those first few milliseconds....

Assembly Instruction Scribbles

January 03, 2016 Scott Urueta

I fell asleep last night printing cases and keycaps so I scribbled up these instructions when I awoke. I'll set up a video once I figure out a proper way to set up a camera: The first step is to bend the leads on the diodes as close to the diode as possible to still solder. The shape of the bends should not be far enough from the diode that the leads extend into the next row below. It is easiest to bend a group of five or so diodes at once with needlenose pliers before you remove them from their...

I am back from the holidays!

January 02, 2016 Scott Urueta

A third of the keyboards have been shipped out before the holidays. I've returned to my apartment to discover the remaining necessary parts have already arrived, besides the USB cables and feet. These are not needed for assembly, so all remaining orders placed before today should all be shipped within the next four or five days as soon as the cables and feet arrive. I'll be quickly putting together assembly instructions later tonight.

Minor Polish and Refinement

December 25, 2015 Scott Urueta

I've worked out how to attach the back cover without producing any marks from tacking the rear cover on with heated plastic. I am a little disappointed that it is somewhat more difficult to remove the back cover (since it doesn't pop off as easily with a utility knife as it did before). It looks considerably cleaner, though.