Preorders Complete

January 16, 2018 Scott Urueta

Every preorder is now shipped or packed and ready to take to the post office later today.

I'll take a little break for the day, make a small handful extra, and begin listing actual stock that is immediately available. If keyboards are listed as in stock, that means they are packed, tested, and ready to ship. I'll try to ship them within the next business day.

The day after that kinda-day-off, I'll start putting together the planned guides on how the keyboard behaves, to show the different modes available, how to get it working with your Android device, etc.

Also, my little factory room now looks like a hurricane tore through it again. So, yeah, tidying that up as well:

a messy mess

Little side note, I didn't remember that this has a built-in comment system! I don't seem to get any sort of notification by default that there are any comments made. I'll go poke around and see if there are any options so I'll actually realize when anyone does. I hope it doesn't seem like I haven't been responsiveunlike the lack of comments, I get back to emails as quickly as I can.


  • Jerry

    Jan 17, 2018

    Awesome picture!
    And now you can test if poking around gave you the solution for email notifications :D

  • Cassandra

    Jan 16, 2018

    I’m so excited. I’m really looking forward to my keyboard’s arrival. I hope you enjoy your rest day!

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